About Us:

The Classic Car Investment UK Ltd (“we”) is a company borne out of a love and passion for iconic driving machines and modern classics from the 1960’s onwards. We are a family business and have decades of experience in the motor trade.

Over the years cars have become more fuel efficient, more powerful and have more electrical gadgets than their older brethren, but has something been lost along the way? We feel there is something missing from the look, feel and driving experience that these older machines have in abundance. Most new cars are, in our opinion, overly complicated and seem to share a similar homogenised appearance.

Anyone who has bought a new car in recent years will know it is one of the quickest ways of losing money. The moment the car is delivered it could have lost more than a quarter of its value. This is where the classic car starts to make a lot of sense. More and more people are beginning to enjoy the character and charms of classic cars. They make great daily and weekend drivers that will put a smile on the face and attract looks of admiration and envy. Perhaps the best part of all is that the depreciation is usually very low and in many cases the best examples are quickly appreciating in value.

We aim to provide peerless examples of fine classic cars, prepared to the highest standards; which we believe represent attractive investments for the future. Our stock is carefully sourced by our professional buyers, before undergoing whatever remedial work is necessary to make each car as close to new condition as is feasibly possible. Often the procurement of the correct parts can take many months or even years and we take great pride in offering vehicles which we believe are among the very best of their kind and are more likely to appreciate in value over time.

Our Cars are mechanically inspected and serviced by expert technician Nigel Allen and his team at NBA Sportscars of Dunsfold. In certain circumstances if a car has always been maintained by a main dealer and the cars value could be affected by a break in such servicing, we will always attempt to service the car with the manufacturer for this reason. All our cars are given a fresh MOT Prior to Sale for complete peace of mind.

Before the car is ready to be photographed it will undergo a comprehensive valet including a painstaking amount of paint detailing before the final carnauba waxes, polishes and oils are applied to give that fresh ‘out of the box’ feel.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for sourcing rare and sought after vehicles and presenting them in an as new condition that blow most people away. We are not in the classic car business for a quick ‘buck’ and we only buy a handful of vehicles that meet our stringent criteria. Our stock list is small at any one time so we can focus on giving each car the attention to detail it deserves and we will not advertise a car until it meets our high standards and would be something we would be proud to own ourselves.

Much of our business is done over the telephone and email and we are happy to securely transport any car we are selling nationwide for the full asking price (subject to cleared funds). Rest assured our descriptions of our stock is accurate and we get to know each car thoroughly so we can sell with confidence. If you are further a field or would like to discuss shipping the car abroad we would be delighted to help so please call us for a quote.